Electronic and quantum microwave devices

The discipline "Electronic and quantum microwave devices" is the base for special radio engineering disciplines. It introduces the principle of operation, designs, characteristics, parameters and areas of use of electronic and quantum devices of ultrahigh frequencies and an optical range, without which it is impossible to further successful study and design of radio equipment with such devices. The subject of discipline is that students must study the physical basis of the work of the electrovacuum microwave devices with dynamic control, quantum and semiconductor microwave devices; to study the principles of operation and features of the construction of microwave oversight devices of the "O" and "M" type with a focused on the distributed interaction of the electron flux with the electromagnetic field; to study the principles of operation and features of construction of semiconductor devices and quantum devices for work in microwave and optical range. This system of knowledge should provide the students with the ability to master such skills as determining the type of device with the appropriate characteristics for use in the design of electronic equipment and the ability to take into account the features of the device in the operation of equipment, which are typical tasks in the field of development and operation of microwave devices.

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Khimych GP, Martsenyuk AS
4 курс 7 семестр