Power supply of radio electronic equipment

The purpose of studying the discipline "Power supply of REA" is the acquisition of students theoretical knowledge and practical skills for solving problems of synthesis and optimization of secondary power supply systems of radio and television equipment.

As a result of studying the discipline the student must


principles of construction of secondary power supply systems;
features of traditional and perspective energy conversion technologies in secondary power supply sources;
circuit design and design features of secondary power supply design;
methods of providing the specified performance characteristics of secondary power supplies.
be able:

own methods and means of working with sources of secondary power supply;
choose the structure of the secondary power source;
to develop the principle circuits of sources of secondary power supply, to choose the type and to calculate the nominal values ​​of the elements of the scheme;
to make layout and design of the topology of the printed circuit board of secondary power sources;

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Yaskiv Vladimir Ivanovich
Yaskiv Anna Vladimirovna
4 курс 7 семестр