Representatives of the firm "JABIL" acquainted students of TNTU with the prospects of future employment

On September 19, students of 4-6 courses of the Faculty of Applied Information Technologies and Electrical Engineering with the representatives of the firm "JABIL", which is among the three largest electronics companies in the world, met in the reading room of the University's Scientific and Technical Library.

During the meeting, Engineer of the Electronics Testing Department, Maxim Vinnik, and a specialist in the job placement, Alina Voloshin, introduced the students to the areas of activity, production capacities of the company and prospects for future employment. Students were announced Open Day "Jabil Manufacturing Day 2017", which will take place on 7-8 October in Uzhhorod.

We will remind participants to fill in the online application form at, to pass the test, which will be sent to the e-mail after completing the questionnaire, and when the test is successfully completed, the participant will receive an invitation to participate in Jabil Manufacturing Day 2017. The company assumes all transport and organizational expenses.