Students of TNTU wrote a legal dictation

On October 26, students of polytechnics took part in the writing of the All-Ukrainian legal dictation, which was held on the basis of Ternopil State Medical University. I.Gorbachevsky The expert legal service of Ukraine has been invited to write an all-Ukrainian dictation on the right of students and professors.

The purpose of the event was to identify the most acute problems in the field of legal literacy of Ukrainians, to enable everyone to know their level of legal literacy.

Participants of the social project offered to answer 50 test questions, which cover legal knowledge of finance, health, social sphere, personal sphere, and security. The test results will be processed by the "Expert Legal Service of Ukraine", which will then be sent to each participant personally along with a certificate and a legal health card. According to the organizers, the project will formulate proposals for state authorities that will significantly increase the level of legal literacy of Ukrainian citizens.

Students of groups RB-41, RM-41, PF-41, PE-41, PM-41, BM-31, PR-32 have written tests and checked their knowledge in the field of legal right. Provided organizational support and participated directly in the mentioned event. Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Studies and Philosophy Gruzin V.Ya. and acting Head of the organizational-legal department Yampolsky N.Ya.