Jurii Umzar

Associate Professor of the Department of Radio Engineering Systems
Candidate of Technical Science
Senior Research Fellow, Associate Professor

In 1971 he graduated from the Radio Engineering Department of the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute, specializing in designer-technologist of radio equipment.

From 1978 to 1981, he studied at the graduate school of the Radiocommunication Research Institute, in 1981, at a specialized scientific council. defended his Ph.D. thesis in the direction "Radio engineering systems of special purpose, including microwave technology and technology of their production.

In 1989 he received the academic title of senior research fellow.

From 1989 to 1994 He worked as the chief of the sector, department, chief designer of the Ternopil STPP "Promin".

Since 1994 - Director of SSTTP "TEKHAS-K" in Ternopil.

In 2000 ... 2001 - Director of the Scientific-Research Institute "Promin-Antenna" of the Ternopil SSTTP "Promin".

Since 1998 worked as an associate professor at the Department of Instruments and Control and Measurement Systems.

Currently he works as an assistant professor at the Department of Radioengineering Systems of TNTU them. I. Puluj.

Author of more than 66 scientific works, including 15 inventions.

Teaches the following disciplines: "Radioelectronic systems and complexes", "Microprocessor systems".

The main area of ​​scientific and technical activity is antenna special purpose equipment.